Why Compression

Compression therapy provides you with the necessary support to maintain and enhance your lifestyle. Whether it's being engaged in daily activities or spending time doing doing the things you really love, like traveling, being outdoors, or participating in your favorite hobbies, you can continue to engage in these activities while receiving the therapeutic benefits of compression.

How Compression Therapy Stockings Work?

Compression stockings are designed to provide support to the legs and veins, assist with circulation, and minimize swelling. The compression in graduated with the strongest support starting at the ankles and gradually decreasing towards the top of the garment. This gradual support works in conjunction with the pumping action of the calf muscles, which assist with circulation.

How Should I Wear My Compression Stockings?

In general, compression stockings should only be worn during the day while you are upright and mobile, and should be taken off and washed at night. If you need to wear your socks every day then you may want to consider purchasing a second pair to wear.