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1. What is superficial venous reflux?

Superficial venous reflux is a condition that develops when the valves that usually keep blood flowing out of your legs become damaged or diseased. This causes blood to pool in your legs. Common symptoms of superficial venous reflux include pain, swelling, leg heaviness and fatigue, as well as varicose veins in your legs.

2. What is the Closure® procedure?

The Closure procedure is a minimally invasive treatment for superficial venous reflux. A thin catheter is inserted into the vein through a small opening. The catheter delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to the vein wall, causing it to heat, collapse, and seal shut.

3. How does it work to treat superficial venous reflux?

Since valves can't be repaired, the only alternative is to reroute blood flow through healthy veins. Traditionally, this has been done by surgically removing (stripping) the troublesome vein from your leg. The Closure procedure provides a less invasive alternative to vein stripping by simply closing the problem vein instead. Once the diseased vein is closed, other healthy veins take over and empty blood from your legs.

Insurance Information

Is Varicose Vein Treatment Covered by My Insurance?
Endovenous radio-frequency obliteration of the saphenous vein, also known as the VNUS Closure procedure, can be performed instead of vein stripping in appropriate patients. As an alternative to conventional surgery, the Closure procedure has the broadest and most complete insurance coverage available.
Positive coverage policies have been established nationwide and includes plans such as Aetna™, Cigna™, BCBS Plans™, Coventry™, Humana®, Health Net®, and United Healthcare®. It is estimated that more than 98% of Closure procedures performed in the U.S. have involved payments from insurance companies.

As with most therapeutic procedures, eligibility of reimbursement coverage is based on established medical necessity. Patients should consult their physician or contact their carrier for the specific requirements under their plan.

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