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Vein Center of Idaho offers effective varicose vein treatments in Meridian and Caldwell, ID

The Vein Center of Idaho is a vein clinic providing the community of Meridian and Caldwell, ID with affordable and effective varicose vein treatments. Different from traditional vein stripping surgery and laser treatments, our practice focuses on minimally invasive treatment with less pain and less bruising. We offer Venefit Procedure, sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy and compression therapy treatments.

Five signs indicating you might have varicose veins

The valves in your leg veins keep blood moving up toward the heart. When the valves don't work properly, they allow blood to back up into the vein. The vein swells from the blood that collects there, resulting in varicose veins. They do not cause problems for most people. However, if the blood flow through veins is limited, you might experience:

  1. Fullness, heaviness, aching and pain in the legs
  2. Visible or swollen veins
  3. Small veins (spider veins) on the surface of your skin
  4. Skin color changes of the legs and ankles
  5. Mild swelling of feet and ankles

If you're experiencing any of these problems, we recommend that you schedule an appointment at Vein Center of Idaho. Our experienced doctors and staff will assess your situation and offer ways to improve the condition.

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At Vein Center of Idaho, our staff is careful and thorough in all procedures. Our favorite part of our work is helping our customers get therapeutic relief for their pain. We also love to see our clients excited and satisfied with the appearance of their veins and legs once the procedure is completed.

You can love your appearance and find relief from your varicose vein problems today. Call 208-402-4467 for a consultation at Vein Center of Idaho. We strive to provide affordable procedures for the community of Meridian and Caldwell, ID and we accept most insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid.

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